return to streaming?

oh boy, i’m thinking about doing it again. i know what you’re thinking, why don’t you just do it scotto!? the answer is both complicated and frustrating.

you see, i really want to stream. once a week though, not much more. i’m excited and nervous to return to stream but i know it will be fun and most people i’ve discussed it with share an excitement to see me on camera being an idiot again.

to understand why i’m nervous about starting, we have to think about why i stopped. i stopped because streaming became a burden on my joy of video games. most people think when you have a large audience and get popular with the streaming community that it’s just all amazing and fun. truth is, it became a task and a chore, just like any other job. to balance my work life and my gaming life i had to stop. i never wanted to make money at streaming, i just wanted to share a joy for playing video games and meeting fun people. so for me it was an easy choice. the thing that makes me hate games will be removed from my life, and that’s not up for debate.

when i started doing test streams last month i realized that there is most assuredly room in my life for casual and “professional” gaming. so that part of the debate is mostly settled, for now.

number two, of the reasons why i’m nervous that is. i travel for work, and it’s really hard to stream from…… Chile. this has been the issue with my podcast and so many other awesome things i’ve started and had to abandon. so i’m travelling like crazy and it’s on one week notice, if that. so if i post a schedule, i won’t be able to keep it and that just feels wrong. so this is the current and biggest hang up with a return.

anyways…. i need to post something and tell everyone that’s been sending me messages. i’ve posted several clips from the test streams on my instagram, so feel free to stop by and say what ya think.